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France Orders ‘Red-Box’ Warning—and QR Code Linking to PFS-Awareness Dossier—Slapped on all Finasteride 1 mg Products by April

Dec. 4, 2022 Dear Friends: French PFS awareness is going high-tech. ANSM, the Gallic nation’s drug-regulatory authority (DRA), last week unveiled plans to add a so-called “red-box” warning—that includes a QR code—on all finasteride 1 mg products in 2023. Intended to “reinforce information on adverse effects” of Propecia and generics, the warning reads: This medication […]

Why Is This Hair-loss Drug Still on the Market? German Public TV Asks of Finasteride

Nov. 2, 2022 Dear Friends: Anti-finasteride sentiment continues to run rife on Teutonic TV. Dürfen Die Das? (Can They Do That?), a newsmagazine show on the German public-broadcasting network NDR, last week debuted a 17-minute film titled Finasteride: Why Is This Hair-loss Drug Still on the Market? (English-subtitled version here). That marks the fourth German-language […]

Allopregnanolone Counteracts Finasteride-induced Alterations in Gut Microbiota, According to New University of Milano Research

Oct. 29, 2022 Dear Friends: The neurosteroid allopregnanolone (ALLO) has proved effective in counteracting some of the finasteride-induced alterations in gut microbiota, according to new research at the University of Milano (UniMi). Titled Gut Inflammation Induced by Finasteride Withdrawal: Therapeutic Effect of Allopregnanolone in Adult Male Rats, and funded in part by the PFS Foundation, […]

PFS Is ‘Clearly a Problem,’ ‘Warrants Intervention’ and Is ‘Inappropriate to Dismiss,’ Says New USC Research

Sept. 26, 2022 Dear Friends: If you’ve ever Googled “post-finasteride syndrome,” chances are you’ve earned a place in the annals of medicine. Researchers at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine (KSM) have analyzed worldwide public interest in finasteride’s impact on sexual health and determined that PFS is “clearly a problem…that warrants intervention.” […]

First-ever Suicidality ADRs Added to US Propecia Product Label, per FDA Mandate

Aug. 29, 2022 Dear Friends: Organon & Co., the Merck & Co. spinoff that now owns Propecia (finasteride 1 mg), has added a new adverse drug reaction (ADR) to the hair-loss remedy’s label: suicidality. Earlier this month, Organon updated the Adverse Reactions section of Propecia’s Prescribing Information (PI—aka product label, or package insert) to read: […]

2022 PFS Foundation Annual Address

Aug. 4, 2022 Dear Friends: This month marks a full decade that we’ve been in the business of facilitating PFS research, generating awareness of the condition, providing support to patients suffering from the condition, and lobbying for stricter regulation so that fewer unsuspecting men develop the condition. Now, if at any time between August 2012 […]

French Drug-Regulatory Authority Unveils World’s Most Thorough PFS-Prevention Program

July 13, 2022 Dear Friends: France’s National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) last week published a dossier of educational materials on the growing number of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) to finasteride 1 mg, as experienced by men currently suffering from post-finasteride syndrome (PFS). Arguably the most thorough and vigilant PFS-prevention […]

New PFS Global Warning Map Plots When, Where and How Drug Regulatory Authorities Alerted Public to Finasteride’s Potential Dangers

June 27, 2022 Dear Friends: The PFS Foundation has launched an interactive map plotting all the nations known to have issued warnings of finasteride’s potential to cause persistent adverse reactions, aka post-finasteride syndrome (PFS). Fifty-three nations, from Argentina to the United States, currently comprise our PFS Global Warning Map. Each links to a table entry […]

Merck Warned Saudi Health Care Professionals in 2018 of Suicidal Ideation in Finasteride Patients, Confidential Document Shows

March 2, 2022 Dear Friends: In a confidential 2018 letter to health care professionals, Merck & Co.’s Saudi Arabian subsidiary warned that finasteride patients should be carefully monitored for psychiatric symptoms including anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation. Furthermore, the dispatch reads, “If a patient treated with 1 mg finasteride develops psychiatric symptoms, treatment should be […]