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2022 PFS Foundation Annual Address

Aug. 4, 2022 Dear Friends: This month marks a full decade that we’ve been in the business of facilitating PFS research, generating awareness of the condition, providing support to patients suffering from the condition, and lobbying for stricter regulation so that fewer unsuspecting men develop the condition. Now, if at any time between August 2012 […]

French Drug-Regulatory Authority Unveils World’s Most Thorough PFS-Prevention Program

July 13, 2022 Dear Friends: France’s National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) last week published a dossier of educational materials on the growing number of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) to finasteride 1 mg, as experienced by men currently suffering from post-finasteride syndrome (PFS). Arguably the most thorough and vigilant PFS-prevention […]

New PFS Global Warning Map Plots When, Where and How Drug Regulatory Authorities Alerted Public to Finasteride’s Potential Dangers

June 27, 2022 Dear Friends: The PFS Foundation has launched an interactive map plotting all the nations known to have issued warnings of finasteride’s potential to cause persistent adverse reactions, aka post-finasteride syndrome (PFS). Fifty-three nations, from Argentina to the United States, currently comprise our PFS Global Warning Map. Each links to a table entry […]

Merck Warned Saudi Health Care Professionals in 2018 of Suicidal Ideation in Finasteride Patients, Confidential Document Shows

March 2, 2022 Dear Friends: In a confidential 2018 letter to health care professionals, Merck & Co.’s Saudi Arabian subsidiary warned that finasteride patients should be carefully monitored for psychiatric symptoms including anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation. Furthermore, the dispatch reads, “If a patient treated with 1 mg finasteride develops psychiatric symptoms, treatment should be […]

PFS Researcher Roberto Melcangi Featured in Alopecia-Treatment Documentary on Top Swiss TV Net

Jan. 22, 2022 Dear Friends: A new documentary examining three young men’s reactions to rapidly thinning locks—shaving, transplanting and finasteride—features an interview with eminent PFS researcher Roberto Cosimo Melcangi, PhD. Titled Plötzlich kahl (Suddenly Bald) the 30-minute film by Gustav Hofer (English-subtitled version here) debuted last month on SRF, the largest German-language broadcaster in Switzerland. […]

Vigilant PFS Patient Prompts Action by UK’s FDA Equivalent

Jan. 10, 2022 Dear Friends: After enduring decades of symptoms that ran the gamut from tooth loss to testicular cancer, Ryan Clark prompted his nation’s drug agency to take a telemed to task for failing to adequately disclose finasteride’s dangers. And though he’d hoped for more significant action, the 54-year-old PFS patient from the northeast […]

First-Ever PFS Diagnostic Criteria Published in Medical Literature

Editorial in leading journal, meanwhile, criticizes FDA for not making Merck conduct new safety studies when persistent ED signal emerged Nov. 20, 2021 Dear Friends: A decade after the first peer-reviewed article on persistent adverse sexual effects in finasteride patients appeared in medical literature, the first-ever diagnostic criteria for PFS has followed suit. We have […]

PFS Foundation Sues FDA for Unlawfully Failing to Grant or Deny Our Citizen Petition

Sept. 9, 2021 Dear Friends: The Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation, represented by consumer rights advocacy group Public Citizen, yesterday filed a lawsuit in Washington, DC, federal court compelling the US Food and Drug Administration to act on our Citizen Petition. Facts laid out in the eight-page complaint include: The “most serious risk of 1 mg finasteride […]

2021 PFS Foundation Annual Address

Aug. 4, 2021 Dear Friends: For several years now, our patient manager, Philip Roberts, has been telling me he feels like Radar O’Reilly on M*A*S*H. Fans of the dark Korean War comedy will recall that often after endless hours of stitching up battlefield casualties—and having just flopped onto their cots—the doctors would be interrupted by […]