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Propeciahelp is a website and discussion forum for men suffering from persistent sexual, mental, physical and/or hormonal side effects of finasteride (Propecia, Proscar, generics). If you are suffering from persistent finasteride side effects and need support, visit


Aide aux Victimes du Finastéride (Aid to Finasteride Victims) is a French organization aimed at advancing the knowledge of persistent side effects in finasteride patients, and how they in turn impact overall physical, mental and sexual health. AVFIN also provides support and counseling to patients adversely impacted by finasteride use, while educating health professionals and regulatory agencies on PFS.


PFS patients and family members who wish to share their experiences about the impact the condition has had on their lives are welcome to do so via #MeTooPropecia, a Twitter page edited by PFS patient Michael Adams of Connecticut. You can contact Michael at #MeTooPropecia or

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