PFS Researcher Roberto Melcangi Featured in Alopecia-Treatment Documentary on Top Swiss TV Net

Jan. 22, 2022

Dear Friends:

A new documentary examining three young men’s reactions to rapidly thinning locks—shaving, transplanting and finasteride—features an interview with eminent PFS researcher Roberto Cosimo Melcangi, PhD.

Titled Plötzlich kahl (Suddenly Bald) the 30-minute film by Gustav Hofer (English-subtitled version here) debuted last month on SRF, the largest German-language broadcaster in Switzerland.

In it, Prof. Melcangi, who heads Neuroendocrinology Unit of the Department of Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences at the University of Milano, notes of his numerous studies on rats:

“We can say with certainty that the animals were healthy before finasteride treatment. After treatment, we observed some negative side effects, many of which persisted after quitting the drug. Just like the PFS patients, the rats developed depression, erectile dysfunction, and there are also changes in their intestinal flora,” he says.

Over the past decade, Prof. Melcangi and his team have published a groundbreaking series of PFS studies, including:

“The attentiveness of doctors today is certainly much greater. They are more cautious than in the past,” adds Mencangli, whose work has no doubt played a major role in such awareness.

Featured as well in the film is Simon Breidert, a psychiatrist from Berlin who has suffered from PFS since 2017 and currently chairs the PFS Research Association.

“In the month I discontinued the drug, I died inside. It is still possible to laugh again after a while, but it’s like looking through a window, as if it wasn’t me,” says Breidert.

“I worked in the psychiatric field myself. I thought most patients were just hypochondriacs. I was very wrong. A friend of mine also took finasteride and he is no longer alive. He developed a very bad sleeping disorder. He couldn’t calm himself down anymore. He ended up jumping out the window.”

Suddenly Bald marks the third German-language PFS report on network TV in less then a year. The previous two are: Tricks of the Beauty Industry (WDR, Germany) and The Side Effects of Finasteride Are Underestimated (NDR, Germany).

Anyone living in the US who suffers from PFS should report his symptoms to the US Food and Drug Administration. Anyone living outside the US who suffers from PFS should report his/her symptoms to the US Food and Drug Administration and to his/her national drug-regulatory agency, as directed on our Report Your Side Effects page.

Finally, if you or a loved one are suffering from PFS, and feeling depressed or unstable, please don’t hesitate to contact the PFS Foundation as soon as possible via our Patient Support hotline:

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