PFS Patient (male)

I decided to restrict myself from masturbating and pornography, as I believed it was causing my problems.

I started taking finasteride during […] 2016 to prevent hair loss […] Because of side effects like painful testes, poor concentration and decreased libido, I stopped after a week. I did the same thing a month or so later, stopping again because of side effects. In the following months, I experienced some side effects that might have been due to finasteride, but at the time I believed they were from excessive masturbation. Those were softer erections, a slight deviation of the penis to the right and lack of libido. The worst happened in July 2017 […] At the time, I decided to restrict myself from masturbating and pornography, as I believed it was causing my problems. After a few days, my penis had shrunk in the flaccid state, and was strangely rigid. I also lost my nmorning erections, but during daily erections, my penis still seemed normal. At first I paid no attention to this, but then I noticed the glans of my penis becoming cyanotic at the edges, and I began feeling pain. I also had horrible pain in my penis and perineum, and the blood vessels on my penis became rigid. After that, I had my testosterone measured, I saw a private urologist who assumed I had Peyronie’s, a public urologist who said there was nothing wrong with me, a radiologist who performed an ultrasound during the flaccid and erect states and said she saw no evidence of Peyronie’s, but saw some thrombosis in blood vessels. Then three more urologists, two of which said I likely have Peyronie’s, and one who didn’t believe me […] Until recently, I thought my symptoms were improving: my testes and scrotum became less shrunken, my penis became less rigid and hard in the flaccid state, my erections improved, I mostly stopped feeling pain in my penis, testes and perineum (except after ejaculation). However, I recently noticed that my ejaculate quality has become worse […] I also noticed some improvement of psychological symptoms, but I still frequently have depressive thoughts, thoughts of suicide, I am apathetic, I have a hard time concentrating and sometimes even speaking and remembering simple words.

ZV, 25, Ljubljana, Slovenia: Nov. 24, 2018

Condition update: October 2020

No improvement

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