PFS Patient (male)

I’m so lost and I don’t want to die because of this!!!!

Hi […] I took finestride around the end of 2013 or early 2014 on and off until 2016 for hair maintenance treatment. The reason I stopped in 2016 is my wife got pregnant with our son who’s now 11 years old. I am terrified that I have passed some side affects of p.f.s. onto him as his Penis is only about 1 inch in flaccid state, I really hope and pray he will be normal and have a normal puberty and sexual function in his life. Do you think its possible it could be passed on by me. Since I stated finestride years ago I gradually lost nearly all penile, anal, prostate and testicular sensation, the right side of my penis seems smaller than the left, I have vision problems and tinitus sometimes, anal itching, memory problems, brain fog, tooth decay that seems to start inside the tooth rather than on the outside. Loss of nocturnal and spontaneous erections, penile numbness. Intestinal problems such as discomfort and bloating all the time. Chronic fatigue which I feel is caused by the intestinal problem. I was always a little prone to depression and anxiety but since I have p.f.s. It’s so much worse and since my marriage breakup I now have more and more suicidal thoughts. I’ve been trying to stay positive but lately I am losing hope, I see nothing about a hope of a cure on the Internet. And doctors here don’t even recognise the syndrome […] I’m looking for your help and for some hope because I’m so lost and I don’t want to die because of this!!!!

JM, 41, Leitrim, Ireland: March 2, 2018

Condition update: August 2020

Slightly worse

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