Analysis of the finasteride treatment and its withdrawal in the rat hypothalamus and hippocampus at whole-transcriptome level

Data here obtained by RNA sequencing showed that chronic treatment (i.e., for 20 days) with finasteride affects the expression of hypothalamic and hippocampal rat genes. As we reported, the most affected brain area is the hypothalamus, with 15 genes downregulated and 171 genes upregulated. Among the downregulated genes, we will here discuss those that, based on the literature available, could be associated with the side effects reported by the patients during the treatment and observed in the experimental model… [T]hese data may provide an interesting background for future experiments addressed to confirm the pathological role of these genes in this experimental model, exploring the impact in their signaling pathways, and evaluating possible therapeutic strategy able to counteract their pathological effects.

Giatti S, Cioffi L, Diviccaro S, Piazza R & Melcangi RC: March 17, 2024. [Journal of Endocrinological Investigation]