Son of Patient

The police had to be called yesterday.

My father has been taking 5mg finisteride for over 2 months. In the last 2 weeks his mental health has deteriorated, and I’m very concerned it’s finisteride. He’s not taking any other medication, bar tamoulison. He is 75. He becomes very irrational, manic, shouting, suicidal, insomnia, tinnitus. A complete switch in character. The police had to be called yesterday. […] I cannot rationalise with my father anymore despite my best intentions. He becomes aggressive and overly hostile. Nonsensical. Constantly writing notes about his problems. Verbally abusive […] I’m very concerned it is finisteride causing the problems. I do not believe my father has developed a serious natural decline in mental health.

DK, Omagh, Ireland: Jan. 16, 2020

Condition update: October 2020

No improvement

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