PFS Patient (male)

How on earth is this tablet still out there?

My brother and I recently started taking Propecia. After a month my brother began experiencing side effects (depression, sexual etc.) Upon hearing this I stopped and immediately got total sexual side effects mixed with depression. I’ve gone to see 3 doctors, 2 of which didn’t really believe in it and the third told me to wait 6 weeks. After about a week I made a decent recovery then things started to get worse and now I’m almost back to square one. It’s been about 4 weeks and I’m getting desperate. I’ve read your website and appreciate what you’re doing but I want to really find out how many people is this permanent in percentage wise? How many people have recovered? All I read is negative stuff and although this works to raise awareness it’s very distressing. I know there’s no cure but what has helped – exercise, certain tablets, foods etc.? Doctors just say to me, “You’re young, wait and we’ll see” so I’d appreciate some honest advice. How on earth is this tablet still out there?

AB, 25, George, South Africa: June 27, 2020

Condition update: September 2020

Slightly improved

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