PFS Patient (male)

Does this mean my side effects are permanent?

I’m having some bad reaction to the drug called finasteride. I took 0.25mg for 8 days. After quitting I started getting very mild pains in the scrotum which I didn’t pay much attention too. I read the side effects online and quit the drug. Since I quit I have been having terrible pain in my scrotum and the urgency to frequently pee. I went to an urologist here and he prescribed me Celebrex200 mg once daily and Taravid tablet twice. I have been having this meds 2 days but the pain doesn’t doesn’t stop. My penis while standing feels shrunk and stiff almost like rubbery. I haven’t been able to have an reception or ejaculate since 3 days. My testicular pain started after I masturbated. After that in a few hours I was sleeping and ejaculated in my sleep. Since then I feel terrible pain in my scrotum and penis. I have tried 1 or 2 finasteride pills in August leaving gaps. I was fine then so I initially I tried talking to the doctor here but I don’t think they have much idea. Do you know anyone in the urology department who can help me with this? Does this mean my side effects are permanent?

AS, 22, Bangkok, Thailand, Sept. 19, 2019

Condition update: October 2020

Slightly worse

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