PFS Patient (male)

This disease is a BEAST!!!

Me and my brother are suffering from post finasteride syndrome. I crashed on 23.01.2014 and my brother in february of 2014. I knew instantly that I crashed and that i suffer from PFS because of studying on the Internet, reading about the progress of the syndrome and a few stories of patients that are identical to what I went through […] We are hospitalized in psychiatry because nobody believed us that we are suffering from PFS. In Croatia no endocrinologist or psychiatrist has heard anything about that disease. Before taking the drug we were extremely potent, endowed with a great sex instinct, completely healthy young people. The side effects are also neurological and mental. The worst thing is that our own parents did not believe us. They believe we are insane. They send us to psychiatrist who did not want to read anything about the disease because data are available only on the Internet. Parents want to throw us out of the house because we can not work. If we do not find support for this lack of understanding by doctors and parents this leads to suicide. WE NEED SOMEONE WHO BELIEVES US AND IN THIS DISEASE!!!!! This disease is a BEAST!!!

BK, 35, Zagreb, Croatia, Oct. 2, 2014

Condition update: August 2020

Slightly improved

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