PFS Patient (male)

My doctors have given up.

Since I stopped Finisteride in December 2017 I have had huge problems. I now have symptoms associated with Sjogrens so my glands aren’t working properly. I do not produce enough tears for example. They couldn’t diagnose Sjogrens but found inflammation from a lip biopsy so call it Sicca Syndrome. My hair is now brittle, dry, and thin. My mouth doesn’t produce as much saliva. I have sebum spots on my lips. I suffer chronic fatigue sometimes. I now get chronic paraesthesia and muscle twitching. I lost my girlfriend, and I will lose my job. I am very scared. I firmly believe that the Finisteride did this. I am so desperate I am just asking for any sort of advice and help. My doctors have given up. Kind Regards.

GL, 40, Somerset, England: Oct. 13, 2019

Condition update: October 2020

Much worse

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