Vascular, Neurologic and Hormonal Abnormalities in Men with Persistent Sexual Dysfunction After Discontinuation of Finasteride

Persistent sexual side effects have been repeatedly reported in men after discontinuation of (DC) Finasteride (FIN), including ED, orgasmic dysfunction and/or genital anhedonia/anesthesia. Khera et al (2020) reported persistent physical sequelae including penile vascular changes in 25 men after DC FIN. The purpose of this study is to replicate Khera’s research findings in a larger population… Conclusions: In a large series, we replicated Khera’s findings of persistent physical sequelae associated with changes in SF in men after DC FIN. While more research is needed, this population is young, ED is most often severe, and testing shows a high prevalence of vascular, neurologic and hormonal pathologies.

Carlisle M, Uloko M, Yee A, Goldstein S, Goldstein I: J. Urol., 2022. [The Journal of Urology]