Clinical Trials

Sage Therapeutics has allopregnanolone and allopregnanolone analogue products that are currently in clinical trials for various indications including major depressive disorder and insomnia:



Why Research Into PFS Is Necessary

Determining the underlying biologic mechanisms of post-finasteride syndrome requires further clinical and basic science research.

Through such research, we aim to uncover the underlying biologic mechanisms of PFS while broadening media, medical and scientific awareness of the syndrome to better enable:


  • Identification of novel PFS risk factors (genetic predispositions or otherwise) in a subset of the population
  • Identification of novel underlying biologic mechanisms for the syndrome and why it persists even after quitting the drug
  • Development of effective treatments for PFS patients worldwide


Research Goals

Current research is focused on determining underlying biologic mechanisms for the syndrome at a molecular level, as will future initiatives. Specifically:


  • Genetic risk factors for PFS
  • Androgen receptor expression in PFS patients
  • Hormonal profiles of PFS patients
  • Full genome gene expression profiles and pathway analysis in PFS patients
  • Proteins encoded by androgen responsive genes (ARGs)
  • Neurosteroid levels in PFS patients
  • Epigenetic chromatin alterations in PFS patients