पीएफएस फाउंडेशन न्यूज़

पीएफएस और पोस्ट-एसएसआरआई यौन रोग के बीच आम रास्ते दोनों के लिए चिकित्सीय रणनीतियों को डिजाइन करने में उपयोगी हो सकते हैं, मिलानो अध्ययन के नए विश्वविद्यालय कहते हैं

April 30, 2018 Dear Friends: Roberto Cosimo Melcangi, Ph.D., head of the Neuroendocrinology Unit in the Department of Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences at the University of Milano, has published a new paper in the current issue of Endocrine: International Journal of Basic and Clinical Endocrinology. Titled Post-finasteride syndrome and post-SSRI sexual dysfunction: two sides of […]

पीएफएस पर मरीजों को बेहतर शिक्षित डॉक्टरों के लिए संघीय संस्थान पर जर्मन पेपर कॉल का नेतृत्व करना

March 12, 2018 Dear Friends: PFS is a growing concern in Germany, too. Ditto Albania. In December, we told you that the French National Agency for Drug Safety (ANSM) launched a public-awareness campaign warning against reported mood changes in Propecia patients, “particularly depression, and suicidal ideation.” Now we’re encouraged to report that Die Zeit, Germany’s […]

पीएफएस मरीजों में संभावित एपिजेनेटिक परिवर्तन नए नैदानिक अध्ययन का फोकस है

SOMERSET, N.J., Jan. 29, 2018 – The Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation today announced Phase II of the clinical research on post-finasteride syndrome (PFS) being conducted at the University of Milano. Led by Roberto Cosimo Melcangi, Ph.D., head of the Neuroendocrinology Unit in the Department of Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences, the new study will evaluate: —In PFS […]

Propecia- प्रेरित अवसाद और आत्महत्या के विचार की फ्रांसीसी चेतावनी मीडिया का ध्यान आकर्षित करती है

Dec. 19, 2017 Dear Friends: France is taking PFS very seriously. On Oct. 26, the French National Agency for Drug Safety (ANSM) issued a warning that “Changes in mood, particularly depression, and suicidal ideation, have been reported by patients taking Propecia.” The agency—France’s equivalent of the US Food and Drug Administration—noted that “finasteride treatment should […]

विनियामक अद्यतन: यूरोपीय दवाओं एजेंसी फिनेस्टराइड लेबल के लिए अवसाद और आत्महत्या विचार जोड़ने की सिफारिश की

Aug. 10, 2017 Dear Friends: On August 4, CEO John Santmann wrote in his 2017 Annual Address, “Recent events in Europe and Asia have given me hope that, before this decade is out, we’ll see the day when no man on Earth is prescribed finasteride without ample warning of its many potential dangers.” Then he […]

विनियामक अद्यतन: कोरिया जनादेश Propecia लेबल परिवर्तन अवसाद और आत्महत्या विचार की रिपोर्ट के आधार पर

July 15, 2017 Dear Friends: On July 4, the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) announced it will revise the warning label on Propecia and its generic versions to include depression and suicidal ideation. The move by South Korea’s equivalent of the US Food and Drug Administration came just six weeks after the […]

नियामक अद्यतन: MHRA फिनेस्टराइड पर दवा सुरक्षा अद्यतन जारी करता है

May 26, 2017 Dear Friends: The UK’s equivalent of the US Food and Drug Administration, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), has issued a drug safety update on finasteride. The May 24 document, titled Finasteride: rare reports of depression and suicidal thoughts, states: Some men have reported episodes of depressive illness in association with […]

गंभीर तंत्रिका तंत्र गंभीर ईडी के साथ पीएफएस मरीजों में शामिल, नया अध्ययन दर्शाता है

SOMERSET, N.J., April 18, 2017 – Post-finasteride syndrome (PFS) patients suffer from altered levels of critical brain-function regulators, including neuroactive steroids, according to a new clinical study published in The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Titled Neuroactive Steroid Levels and Psychiatric and Andrological Features in Post-Finasteride Patients, the three-year study also uncovered evidence […]

फीनबर्ग स्कूल ऑफ मेडिसिन एपिडेमियोलॉजी स्टडी ने युवा पुरुषों में हजारों पीएफएस के मामलों के दसियों का वर्णन किया है, बालों के झड़ने के लिए फिनेस्टराइड लेना

SOMERSET, N.J., March 9, 2017 – More than one percent of young men who took finasteride for 206 days or longer developed persistent erectile dysfunction (PED) that lasted an average of 4.2 years after drug discontinuation, according to a new study published today in PeerJ. In all, researchers examined the electronic medical records (EMR) of […]